What's new in JArchitect!

JArchitect 2024.1: Advanced Source Explorer, Java 17/Java 19 Full Support, and more.

Advanced Source Explorer

JArchitect 2024 offers a sophisticated source explorer with these capabilities:

  • Issue Navigation: Effortlessly move through file issues using the toolbar,
  • Issue Evolution: Investigate new, fixed, and unresolved issues,
  • Labels: Utilize labels to gain insightful metrics about methods,
  • Diff Comparison: Examine differences compared to the baseline,
Advanced Source Explorer

Improved Java parser

JArchitect 2024 integrates the latest Eclipse JDT (Java Development Tools) parser, a vital component for parsing Java code in the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This advanced parser is adept at analyzing and interpreting Java code, efficiently breaking it down into its fundamental elements like variables, functions, and classes. It also plays a crucial role in checking for syntax errors, thus enhancing Java development through improved understanding, compiling, and debugging capabilities within JArchitect.

Improved Maven and Intellij Idea support

JArchitect 2024 now automatically identifies all dependencies from Maven and IntelliJ IDEA projects, eliminating the need to manually specify the folders containing external libraries.

Complete Support for Java 17 and Java 19

JArchitect 2024 is fully equipped to handle all the features of Java 17, such as enhanced pattern matching for switch expressions and sealed classes, as well as Java 19, which includes improvements like virtual threads and structured concurrency. This ensures comprehensive support for these advanced and specific functionalities in both versions.

Enhanced Detection of External Elements

JArchitect 2024 has been updated to now accurately detect every dependency linked with the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) runtime. This enhancement allows for a more comprehensive understanding and management of dependencies within Java applications.

C++23, C++20, C++17 Support

JArchitect v2023.1

Maintainability Index

JArchitect supports this useful metric to better track the maintainability of your code base

Sarif import

You can now import issues from any tool generating a Sarif format which facilitates the integration. Indeed, the Sarif format is the most used standard to report the issues, and many tools support it.

Better Support for False Positives

With JArchitect 2023.1 you can add a comment to your code to exclude a false positive detection.

You have to define a rule id for your rule:

And from the source code, add a comment to exclude the false positive detection:

With JArchitect, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules.