Ant Task

Ant Task usage

Integrating JArchitect task with Ant

  • First step: Create a JArchitect project (.jdproj) from JArchitect tool
  • Download ant-jarchitect.jar.
  • Add the downloaded jar to the classpath of your build.xml
  • Add the following code to your build.xml file:

<taskdef  name="mytask" classname="org.antbook.JArchitectTask"/>
<target name="main">
    <mytask jdprojpath="{.jdproj path}" outputDirectory="{jarchitect outputdirectory path}"             jarchitectpath="{jarchitect console directory path}"/>

Analyzing a project using Ant

  • To analyse your project run the build.xml file
  • Check now your JArchitect output directory you must see something like this:

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