Understanding JArchitect Analysis Inputs

This short document clarifies from where JArchitect analysis takes its inputs.
The JArchitect analyze the byte code and the source files are not mandatory, and it supports the following inputs:

  • jar, ear and war files,
  • Eclipse workspace and projects,
  • Maven (pom.xml),
  • IntelliJ,
  • Android projects (.apk)
The projects analyzed uses third party libs, and if JArchitect does not find where these libs exists, the external symbols will be inside the MISSING project

And you can specify the external library path from the project properties panel.

And in the same way you can specify where the source code root path exist. this path is useful to compute the following metrics:

  • Number lines of code,
  • Number lines of comment,
  • Comment percent,
  • Cyclomatic Complexity.