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JArchitect.Console.exe command line options


  • The path to the input Xml JArchitect project file.
    It must be specified as the first argument. If you need to specify a path that contains a space character use double quotes ".. ..". Relative paths are not supported. These remarks also apply to paths provided with options /OutDir and /XslForReport.


  • /ViewReport: to view the HTML report
  • /Silent: to disable output and eventual calls to Console.Read() on console
  • /HideConsole: to hide the console window.
  • /FullAnalysis: launch the full analysis.
  • /LogTrendMetrics: to force log trend metrics.
  • /XslForReport xlsFilePath: to provide your own Xsl file used to build report. The path specified must be absolute.
  • /OutDir dir : to override the output dir specified in the JArchitect project file. The dir specified must be absolute. VisualJArchitect.exe won't work on the machine where you used JArchitect.Console.exe with the option /OutDir because VisualJArchitect.exe is not aware of the output dir specified and will try to use the output dir specified in your JArchitect project file.
  • /EmitVisualJArchitectBinXml: to emit the file VisualJArchitect.bin.xml VisualJArchitect.bin.xml is an xml file that contains the dependencies graph of your application. It can be used for your own purpose. VisualJArchitect.exe uses VisualJArchitect.bin which is a GZipStream compressed version of VisualJArchitect.bin.xml.
  • /AnalysisResultToCompareWith: to provide a previous analysis result to compare with. The path can be absolute or relative to the JArchitect project file path parent directory. Analysis results are stored in files that can be found under the JArchitect project output directory. The prefered option to provide a previous analysis result to compare with during an analysis is to use: VisualJArchitect > Project Properties > Analysis > Analysis Comparison You can use the option /AnalysisResultToCompareWith in special scenarios where using Project Properties doesn't work.
  • /Help: to display the current help on console